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아래의 문장들 번역좀해주세요..
아직 번역안된것들인데..

“Then the blood really flowed, for the two lines were so close that shield struck against shield, and they drove their swords into each other's faces. It was impossible for the weak or cowardly to retreat; man to man they fought like in single combat.” \n— Curtius Rufus about the Battle of Issus (“Histories of Alexander the Great”, III. 11.5)

“Phraortes was captured and brought before me. I cut off his nose, his ears, and his tongue, and I put out one eye, and he was kept in chains at my palace entrance, and all the people saw him. Then I crucified him in Ecbatana; and the men who were his foremost followers \[…] I flayed and hung out their skins, stuffed with straw.” \n— Darius I (Behistun inscription, column II, 32)

“It is not possible to found a lasting power upon injustice, perjury, and treachery.” \n— Demosthenes, in one of his many speeches against the rising Philip II of Macedon (“Olynthiac II”, 10)

“Delivery, delivery, delivery.” \n— Demosthenes, when asked what were the three most important elements of rhetoric (Cicero, “De Oratore”, 3.213)

“The Macedonians first raised an unearthly shout followed by the Persians answering, so that the whole hillside bordering the battlefield echoed back the sound, and that second roar was louder than the Macedonian war cry as five hundred thousand men shouted with one voice.” \n— Diodorus Siculus about the Battle of Issus (“The Library of History”, XVII., sec. 33)

“Brasidas, taking his stand on the gangway, fought off from there the multitude of Athenians who converged upon him. And at the outset he slew many as they came at him, but after a while, as numerous missiles assailed him, he suffered many wounds on the front of his body.” \n— Diodorus Siculus, on a brave Spartan at the Battle of Pylos (“The Library of History”, XXII., sec. 62)

“Return with your shield, or on it.” \n— Farewell of Spartan women to their warriors, implying that cowards would throw away their shield in battle to flee (Plutarch, “Moralia”, “Sayings of Spartan Women”, 241f)

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